Need to start anew

Hi peeps!
I realized that I started my blog since 2011 but I never really manage to hold on to it for long. Of course I had quite a few posts up during those years but I find that they are childish and immature for me right now and since I am planning to start blogging again, I better get rid of those embarrassing posts, haha!

I am not a person with many words. I can talk, but I find it slightly difficult for me to put them down in words, maybe in time I will be able to master the art of blogging. But for now, I just have to make do with what I have and what comes to mind.

Recently I have faced many ups and downs, so many that it took a toll on me. I would love to explain in detail but that wound bring bad name to the company and maybe if they happen to stumble upon my blog. I won't be able to get the job if I try again!

I was so very sad when I got the news and it hit me hard, because with this new job, I would be able to move out and rent the place I've fallen in love with! So when I received the email and as soon as I read till the part "....... we regret to infor-" I already given up reading the whole email, my heart dropped and I could only think of crying.

I shared the news with my mother and sister they both told me to take this as a lesson and try at other jobs, and for once I see my mom  telling me something that she's never said to me ever before, "It is okay to be sad today, if you want to cry just cry, but when you wake up tomorrow, wake up fresh and start a new day. Life goes on."

That made me feel better immediately because someone told me it's okay to cry when most of the time people will just tell us to be strong and not cry, don't show weakness.

I then proceed to text my boyfriend and told him that I want chocolates, hugs and kisses. I want to cry. He usually doesn't do exactly what I want him to / request him to, but this time he really stayed hugging me and let me cry my eyes out till I got sleepy. We went for dinner after I had my fair share of tears, but that sadness still lingers in my heart. What's even worst, the next day I have a motorcycle exam.

I woke up the next morning at 7.30am, I took a deep breathe and head over to the shower and began my day. Praying as I walk to the driving center, hoping and wishing that I'd do great today and that I'd pass! To my surprise, I PASSED! I am so excited when the instructor told me I passed both tests! I was so overjoyed I could only think of announcing it to my family and my boyfriend, but of course I never forget those who wished me luck~ So I contacted them too to share my joy with me.

But I couldn't make it to work, because the test took too long, there was just way too many people. Oh well, I got the day off and I'm headed to Sunway Lagoon to meet up with my boyfriend. I can't swim that day though, because "it's the time of the month"... =( So I watched him as he trained on Flow Rider, I really enjoy looking at people play a sport that I am no able to play haha!

That's pretty much it for now, I just thought of a new blog post to write, So I'll just head on to that~

Have a great day!



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