Revamped and ready to roll!

Hey there beautiful sunflowers!
I just spent an entire night fixing and revamping my blog! Hope you like it, I want it to give off a simplicity feel~ Hope that it's projecting that, if not... I don't know what else I can do!

It is really hard for me to think of something to type because when I do type a long sentence, I just erase it in the end. Because I feel that it is irrelevant.. Haha, I'm silly like that.

Recently I've read a very inspiring blog post by a fellow friend, I guess you can say friend because she's actually my boyfriend's friend to be exact. I honestly don't know if she knows me. XD

In her blog she wrote about her important choice in life that will change her entire life starting from this moment on, she has a lot of influence in the cosplay community, although for the newer cosplayers they couldn't care less who she is, but to us who have been in this scene for almost a decade finds that she matters!

She is brave, strong and wise! I love her confidence although she thinks she doesn't have, but I support you girl!! If you want to read into this blog post I'll leave the link here

It takes a lot of effort and courage to take this path alone, caring for a child by yourself is hard, but if you're head strong and you have your family and friends support, you can do it! Just be strong, pick up your head and move forward.



  1. I am loving the new layout and yes it is very simple!

  2. HOwever your about author section is empty..or is it just me n my line?


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