May your soul rest in peace, My friend.

18/07/2016: Today we lost someone dear to our Cosplay community, this post is going to be short.

Narukids, a fellow friend, that has been battling cancer for the past few years, even I did not know about it because those who knew about it kept it a secret to respect her wishes.

She is very loving, patient, understanding, daring, and caring. She is one of those people who has a very sisterly figure.

Most of the people in our community are all devastated at the news of Narukids' passing early this morning around 9.30am. I do hope that she did not suffer as she took her last breath, although  it is not nice of me to say this but she has been fighting cancer for so long, I just hope that as the last moment came, it went by fast.

Many of us aren't super close with her, but we do share the same feelings on this very same day. We all came together to send her closest friends and family our condolences. I await the news of  the funeral, I need to attend this. I need to take some time off work.

Dear Narukids, I was not able to spend more time with you, but the time I spent talking, joking or listening to you, will all be memories that I will treasure forever, you are loved by many of us and we will all remember you always.

Rest In Peace, Narukids.



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