Recently there's been many issues at work and I am not able to have any free time for myself and despite the fact that I only had 1 day off last week (we actually have 2 days off in a week) I have to work 8 days in a row and one of those days are a full shift which is today.

It really made me so tired to the point of "I just wanna go home and sleep!" I couldn't even think of inviting anyone out or have dinner with any friends, all I could think of is my bed. However, I am thankful for friends who wants to hangout with me, and since they took the trouble to call me out, I'll just go meet them but only a short while just to catch up ~ Have a quick dinner/supper, head home and sleep.

I have no idea what I am expecting out of this but for this entire month I have to do a full shift every Tuesday, and it's so sad to say that there are 5 tuesdays this month.

Today itself I have something tragic happened to me (well for me it is tragic..) I rode the bike, yes I ride a Motorcycle, no not a superbike but a normal motorcycle. I wish though... hehehe, well anyway, I was riding back home from dropping my bf off at work because I gotta use the bike today and I dropped my purse on the way.  I don't know how but it slipped out from my pocket one way or another.  

So I retrace back the route I took, which Lane I was in.. and I follow and the more I follow the more worried and absent minded I got, I didn't care who was behind me and if I'm going too slow, all I know is I gotta find my purse. Because I hate going through those police reports, getting my license and ID redone and not to mention my Sunway Lagoon Annual Pass!! I don't know if I will ever get it back if I loose it!

Oops I just looked behind the card it says "A penalty of RM 100.00 will be charged for lost of this card." WELP, lucky I found it back, otherwise someone else might be able to get in to sunway for free using my card! 

Once I got to a traffic light which I often use, I saw something bright pink on the floor, and I moved closer to get a better look, mind you I'm still on the bike and I am at a red light. Every car/lorry that passes by my heart will skip a beat. I was so afraid my cards would snap..

I manage to stop at the side curb while traffic is still moving, got off my bike and waited till there was no car, I signal the opposite side of traffic that "i-dropped-something-there-and-I'm-gonna-it-I'm-sorry-if-I-am-in-your-way", dashed over and grabbed it as quick as I could and ran back to my bike, immediately sat down on the bike and my heart broke. My cards were not in its worst shape but it's pretty bad, and I'm the type of person who likes everything to be nice and new.

Look at my poor card. The plastic was still on, and the card is has lots of dents and edges...

I need to get my ID redone, and I have 2 choices, either I go all the way to Putrajaya and get it done on the same day or I apply online and wait for 10 working days, I still have not decided yet..

Tomorrow is my day off and I was thinking of heading to the bank to get my card redone. I do hope I get a good looking card. I have a dinner date with Yana tomorrow night. So I have to get my day planned out. But I do know that I want to sleep in tomorrow!! 

Feels like the masseurs in my workplace know that I am not feeling too good, they won this at the claw machine and gave it to me~ thanks!!♡

I also got tips from a Dato' haha! So happy~ It made my day~ don't feel as bad anymore. But I do hope tomorrow would be a better day!!



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