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Hey guys how's it going? Wow~ I've not posted anything in a while, I guess you could say it's a temporary hiatus, haha! Well, I've been absolutely busy these few weeks pretty much. It's always been like this for cosplayers, when an event swings by, we get busier and busier as the dates come closer. So yes, I've been sewing costumes but I am so scared that I'm unable to finish the costumes on time... D8

I came across a post by someone famous in our local comic artist scene some of you may know him, he's known as Abam Apam in facebook and twitter, he posted about some things we might or might not experience during our childhood. So that got me thinking what have I done that are so memorable in my childhood and I've decided to share them with you.

When I was about 9 - 12 years old I had to take care of my baby cousin and with babies comes milk powder formula!! I always take many spoonful of milk powder and eat it just as it is but that doesn't mean I did not steal my baby cousin's milk bottle and drink from it before, heck I even borrowed her milk bottle to drink milo in it.

When my baby cousin was old enough, we switched her to drinking milo & milk instead of just milk. (If any of you happen to be a non Malaysian milo is a chocolate malt drink loved by almost everyone here.) I remember every time her mother asked me to make milk for her daughter I would be happily prancing into the kitchen, because I am happy that I can "steal" some milk powder.

Until today if I am given a whole tin of baby milk powder, I'd rather finish it in powder form. I wouldn't make any drinks with it, hahaha! I also loved baby cookies, those taste funny but they're nice!

When I was younger  (still a brat), kids still play outside! We chase each other, play badminton, play cooking with sand, leaves and pebbles, we go to the park and "lepak" with neighbourhood kids. I may not have the best childhood anyone could ever ask for, but it's memorable. There are many things only people from Generation Y would understand when you say certain keywords. Like Nokia 3310! You may have heard of it, but have you used it? Haha!

I miss those times where my sister and I would ride around the housing area on our bicycles, no worries about getting lost there we have the whole map on the back of our hand! I remember us going to the mechanic shop mainly for bicycles and motorcycles, to pump air into our tyres and heading to the mini mart to buy snacks or play with the counterfeit version of "gachapon" machines to get toys.

I would like to know, how do you spend your free time, do you spent off every penny on snacks and toys, or maybe you save up every penny in your makeshift coin box to buy your dream toy, dream game or anything at all. What about the games you play when you were younger?

This may not be much but I have found a place for you to relive those memories, maybe even share it with your kids! There may be many of you that already know of this place, but I've just discovered it. So let me have my fun~ I went gaga in the whole shop..

I did not take a picture of the whole shop, but I did take some shots of the nostalgic snacks they were selling~ I will definitely return to the shop to get some things, so I'll just share the pictures of the snacks I've taken~♡

Did any of these bring back memories?? I do hope they do because you can never find these snacks just anywhere now.. They're Ultimately rare!!

I apologize deeply again for the hiatus, and I am going on a family trip to Thailand this coming weekend, do stay tuned for my blog post bout my Thailand trip and look forward for picturesssss~

Till then, please do take care guys~ 



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