My trip to Hatyai, Thailand (Part One)

Good day munchkins! As promised, I am here to share my experience in Hatyai. Well, it's not all that spectacular but I did have loads of fun with my family despite the fact that my mom injured her pinky toe and had to be on P.O.P (plaster of paris) many of you may not know, but it is for the cast the put on broken limbs.. you know, the "cement" they call.. the ones where kids like to doodle on!!

Yep, my mom fell down from the stairs and she thought that it was just a minor ankle sprain, and she continued working and travelling. When she got back, she decided to go get an x-ray on the day we are to depart for Hatyai! When she came home both my sister and I were shocked to see her with the P.O.P and crutches. My mother worried that it may bother us on our travel but I insisted that she come with us because it is a family trip and I don't want to ruin everything!

So we rushed to the hospital my mom works at and we got her a wheelchair, hopped in the car and zoom to the train station, and off we go!

Here we are on the way to the train station~

Boarded the train to Padang Besar

A quick selfie

Can't travel with no sweets~~

We finally arrived Padang Besar train station and we had no idea that the Malaysian Immigration closed at 4pm and reopen at about 6pm. We had no choice but to take a rented van into Hatyai which costs us about RM35 for 3 of us including the wheelchair. Little did we know we had to share this van with many many many people and as it was crowded, I am thankful that I wore just shorts, sandals and my t-shirt. But there is a guy in the van who kept turning my way and kept staring at me making me so uncomfortable I took out my scarf and wrapped my whole body with it. 

We asked if the driver could kindly drive us up to our hotel as it will be hard to push the wheelchair around, and the driver was so nice he did drop us very near our hotel. The hotel bellboys are even better, they received news of us coming up and 2 of them rushed down to help us get on the escalator as there was no elevators from the basement to the hotel lobby.

The hotel lobby of Grand Pink Hotel, Hatyai

Very beautiful lounge chairs

Our King sized bed~~ Yep 3 of us could fit in it!

The HUUUGE bathtub!

Loving the window beside the toilet seat because it has a ledge there so you can place your clothes/phone there.. hahaha

Reflection.. Please excuse my sister back there.. -_-

This is how big the bathtub is!! Using me as a size comparison.. haha!

After settling in my sister an I are off to hunt for food and enjoy the night markets, my mom just wants to rest after a full day of travelling.. 

Some of the many food stalls

Pikachu galore!! If you love Pikachu very much be sure not to miss this chance and grab your shirt/t-shirt/cropped top/singlet/bikini/sleepwear!!

I just had to buy this it was too hard to resist!

We got Chicken rice for dinner and it was Bomb! too bad I did not take any pictures of it. But we called it a night after watching tv after our dinner. 

I have to stop here as the blog post will get too long if I were to continue posting up pictures~ I will be typing a new blog post soon for the next part~ do look forward for it ya! 



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