My trip to Haytai, Thailand (Part Two)

How is everybody doing today, I really hope you are having a great time! As I've mentioned in my previous post that I would be continuing on my trip to Thailand, as I am typing this it has already been a month since I went and came back from Thailand. Time flies really fast and needless to say we grow older with every passing minute. Which is the sad truth we all have to face, we really need to find time for family and friends.

Before I drift off, I would like to stay on today's topic~ My Second Day in Hatyai.
Well, originally we planned to leave for Bangkok right after we check out from the Hotel. But we check for the flight tickets and it was way out of our budget. We rather not take the train nor the bus, I was warned by my Thai colleagues to never take the bus and train to Bangkok because it will take you 12 hours to reach Bangkok!

So we have decided to stay in Hatyai for the rest of  our trip, we went to grab some brunch before heading to another hotel for check in.

Doesn't our brunch look savory? XD

After having brunch we head back to Grand Pink Hotel to get our luggage and I happen to walk pass this lady selling Coconut Ice Cream at the side of the road, and I thought that I'd give it a try, and it was BOMB! Only 50 baht, make sure to get yourself some when you visit Hatyai especially Songkhla road. 

I enjoy watching it being prepared every time! 

About to dig in!!

Checked in Hatyai Palace Hotel and immediately head out to the Floating Market!!

Here we are in the Tuk Tuk travelling to the Floating market.

It says on Google that it will take us about 1 hour to get to the Floating Market from where we were but we got there in less than 30 minutes.. Shortcuts maybe? XD

Top view of the boats with fooooodddd~

Shots of the first few boats..

A short video of the things sold at the Floating Market.

My sister getting some food..

On our way back to the Hotel, we passed by this~ Isn;t it beatiful??



BBQ skewers~

Our blended Watermelon Juice in Watermelon bowl!


Our Food/Dinner loot~ We had Chuuros, Salmon Fried Rice & Mushroom Fried Rice, Crispy Fried Chicken, Chai Kuih (vege dumpling), Lil Duckies for dessert. 

Look a\t how adorable they are! These are made with Beans, most probably Mung Beans.

We call it a night again after savory dinner and some TV show.. Part 3 will come very shortly~ 
Till then guys, take care and stay safe!



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