Magical Flying Noodles!!

Hey there little Sunflowers~ I want to share my experience this time with my dear friend Yana, I was invited to join this beautiful lady for dinner~

Yana and I before our food came.

We went to a place called Underground Société for all of you who don't know this restaurant it is located in Bandar Sunway, near to Garage 51 and Sunway University. I have the location Here if you wish to give this place a visit.

First let me tell you something about the place before I hop in to the delicious food we had~ The place is called Underground Société right? So naturally I thought of a place that would be located underground, like basement or something. But when I actually got there I was really impressed on the way they operate their entrance and to the restaurant area. There was a door leading to a very decorated area full of yellow burst and happy colors. But little did we know, there was another door leading to the restaurant, and once the door was open for us, the place inside really did felt like I was literally underground.

Colourful entrance with burst of colours

Counter & Bar view

Seating area, the back on the far left is where the washroom is located. It is a very interesting ambiance for a washroom! It felt like I was in some Red Light district somewhere!

I really felt like I've entered a movie set or something, it was just so different from your usual restaurants.

Now on to the food!

This is called 200g Gtrain Fed Australian Beef Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes.The meat was so succulent and it was well done, when I bite into it, I felt the flavor of the meat mixed together with the Robert Sauce just burst in my mouth, it felt like food porn...

Incase you're wondering what "Robert Sauce" is made from, chopped onions, butter, white wine, pepper and mustard. 

I had the Fruit Punch Mocktail (non-alcohol drink) it's has a tangy citrus taste which helped clear my palate as i move on to the next plate!

We had UFC which is Underground Fried Chicken, you know "fried chicken" that we know of comes with bones intact. But this UFC here is inspired by the Karaage style.(Japanese style boneless fried chicken) because it was paired with Thousand Island sauce and it was really crispy and when you bite into it, *eyes rolls to the back* So crispy and crunchy..

This here is the Crispy-Skinned 200g Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potatoes, the salmon was well cooked probably pan-grilled to get the crispy skin, it was delicious and a great pair with the creamy sauce!

If you need a Chicken dish with savory brown sauce, this Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast with Mashed Potatoes are your best bet, drizzled with Robert Sauce anything grilled would taste amazing~

Our fiery dessert is called Underground Fireball, chocolate filled on the inside and lay on a bed of Cookie crumbs, de-li-cious! Sadly I am unable to try the hard chocolate shell, because it is drenched in the alcohol used to ignite a little fire for presentation purposes.

Last but not least, The main star of the night!
the Shoyu dip, the tangy vinegar coated Cucumber Salad and the perfectly salted Edamame. Everything paired together in this dish just complimented each other very well. I am surprised myself as I see this Flying Soba being served through the restaurant, it is instagram worthy!
Go all out taking your selfies with the all the Magical Flying Noodles in this restaurant, why? Because the noodles are served cold! So you don't have to worry 'bout your food getting cold right? XD 

This is how the Restaurant, Underground Société looks like at night, be sure to keep a look out especially at night, cause we almost missed it! hehe!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I would like to apologize before I end my post, that I procrastinated blogging and that I just didn't have the leisure time to blog this month as many things are getting more and more hectic.

I do hope you can forgive me, and I will definitely blog more when January comes, Thank you all for your patience~ ^_^



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