My Thai Odyssey Experience!

Thai Odyssey has been around ever since 2004, and now it has more than 50 outlets all over Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Thai Odyssey promotes and develops Traditional Thai Massages as natural healing therapy worldwide, and their massage charges are at an affordable price! Think about experiencing authentic Thai Massage, Thai Odyssey promises that and you will get to experience world class service through their friendly front desk staffs and therapists.

I did the 90 minutes of Traditional Thai Massage today and it cost RM130.40 (including 6% GST). Each and every Thai Odyssey therapist goes through training before being able to serve their customers, and they use techniques that date back 2,500 years ago.

Having over 80 awards and accolades, it is no surprise that the pricing would be "expensive" as some say, but I personally feel, you really get what you pay. For their attentiveness and close to detail service you couldn't be asking for more.

Yana, I've mentioned her before here is her blog, Absolute Yana, please really check her out she is a wonderful and loving girl! Yana brought me along with her on this Thai Odyssey journey to relaxation, we arrived at Bandar Baru Sri Petaling for our appointment.

The front desk receptionist, Feiza, warmly welcomed us and allow us to snap many pictures and a few videos. Feiza was then joined by her other colleague another friendly receptionist (sorry didn't catch your name).
The counter is beautifully decorated with wooden furniture and decoration imported from Thailand.

Product shelf beside the counter space.

The products are all arranged neatly.

View of the foot wash area from the counter.

Foot wash area.

Shoe changing area.

Washing my feet first before heading in for my massage!

I'm sure you're eager to see how the treatment rooms look like!! Don't worry, I'm getting there... As you enter Thai Odyssey, you may not realize the soothing Thai music playing in the background, because of the conversations you are having at the counter. But when you enter the treatment room, the music gets significantly louder because it's quieter in there!

Right when you walk through the door to the treatment area, you would see this hallway that leads you to your treatment rooms!

The Traditional Thai Massage is done on a mattress on a platform, easier for the therapist to apply the appropriate pressure when massaging.

Couple room for Traditional Thai Massage. In case you are wondering, You definitely can do the Thai Aromatherapy Massage on the Thai Massage bed, it's up to your preference. Because maybe you would like to do the Thai Aromatherapy, but your partner wants to do Thai Traditional Massage, in this way, you could be in the same room, but you have to compromise!

Personally, I love the Foot Massage area, doesn't this look very serene and relaxing to you?

This is the Thai Aromatherapy Massage bed, it is a high bed, with a face-hole so you can breathe easily!

Love the towel decoration!

Lounging chairs in the treatment area.

When you exit your room you would see this beautiful huge mirror at the end of the hallway right beside the door, you could touch up your make up here before you leave~! It is a very beautiful piece of artwork imported from Bangkok.

Outside of each and every treatment room, they have a golden palm, it is very beautiful and calming to look, and yes it is also imported from Bangkok, Thailand

If you're looking for a relaxing massage to de-stress or to pamper yourself or your loved ones, definitely think of Thai Odyssey! It is really worth your money and time! I love the service I received at Thai Odyssey Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, the staffs are all friendly and very welcoming!

But hey, if you want great service, be a good customer!

Call in for an appointment at Thai Odyssey Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 03-9055 3392 they open from 10 am - 12 am, walk-ins are definitely welcome too, but just to secure a slot, it's best to book an appointment. 

Go ahead and try the services at Thai Odyssey and share your experience with me, I love to know how you felt!



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