Sick and tired..

Hey there beautiful people, I'm back again. This time I took an even longer hiatus, but there are some things I just can't keep it in anymore, I'm just at that point where if I don't let out some steam, I'd blow.

Please don't mind me if I accidentally curse, I am not sure if I'd do it, but if I did, I'm sorry.

I know of this person and her partner about 5 years ago (I guess), at that time, I looked up to them as my seniors in our cosplay community. They're very friendly, inspirational, and even funny, they suited my type of humor.

Our friendship progressed to the point of inviting each other to visit our house for sleepovers, gatherings, and even help each other out at prop making for cosplay. You could say that this friendship was going on a rather smooth path.

Then came the year end of 2014 where most of us cosplayers are busy preparing for the annual largest cosplay convention ever, Comic Fiesta! Now, it's not that I'm not busy with work and costume making, I am, really, but as a friend, me, my boyfie and friends worked together to get shit done.

What I felt was unappreciated, I did what I could for them, gave them a space to do their stuff but all I got in return was a black face. Hey, I don't mean the racist kind, but you know a disappointed and unhappy face.

I felt hurt, but I put it all behind me thinking that maybe it was the stress from the competition they're joining, well it's fine, it'll pass. That's what I thought. But God was I so wrong! I'm not even going to elaborate what happened backstage cause that'll be a whole long book, as long as a Harry Potter series.

We get to the end of the competition and we always had one thought in mind, no matter who wins, it's a friendly and fair fight, we can let this pass. But when she and her partner lost, not winning any placing at all, they began to feel as if they were stepped on.

I understand that being the elder ones, you think that you must be better than everyone younger than you, I mean, it's true, you are. But your heart isn't. It's taking things too seriously.

Fast forward to the following year, we did a photo shoot smack at the beginning of the new year, January 1, 2015. This is because that is the only day 3 people can get the same day off together, the rest of us were fine, as we have either weekends off, or are students.

So we did the shoot, everything was still fine and dandy until 8 days later when someone dropped a bomb, the bomb wasn't big but it sure felt like nuclear to some of us, and that day, several friendship ties were cut. I admit I cut off a toxic friendship to save myself from hardship.

A wise person once said 'to lead a successful life with no one to hold you back, is to let go of all the toxic friends.' Toxic friends are people who are your friends but you know that they're no good for your life. People like gossipers, negative bastards, backstabbing bitch or even a liar.

This toxic person was bashing us for having a photo shoot on the first day of the year like we purposely planned to do it, but in reality, it wasn't us who requested it! IT WAS THE FUCKING 3!!! (which includes the girl I'm talking about and her partner).

But lo and behold, they defended the motherfucker, *applause* what a change of events right?

Damn straight it is! It's okay, at this point our friendship was more on the rocky side, I guess you could say we weren't sure what was going to happen but we kept in touch and meet up in events.

Fast forward to year end of 2016, was when the shit hits the fan! Yet again it's at the year end convention, Comic Fiesta, where they joined the competition again together with my boyfie and his brother. After they lost, they went full on salty.

And I meant saltier than salt water in the sea! They immediately cut our names out from their invitation list to their annual Christmas party, announcing publically to "give other people chances to come", and we're here like, "Well, okay".

Never have we felt so much hate from people to the point that it's eating them up every single day, they felt the need to indirectly remind us to use the prize money to repay our friends who helped us out (we had 23 friends over helping us out on different aspects of the competition). Constantly posting up status telling us to appreciate them give the money, like bitch, we know what we're doing you don't need to stick your nose in, okay?

Our friend's father just passed away days after the event and of course, we would want to give their family some time to mourn for their father and we wouldn't want to be some heartless bastards and host an appreciation party right off the bat! Come on, man, show some sympathy!

I seriously question why do they have the constant need to post up statuses on Facebook reminding the public of how great they are, 'appreciating' their helpers by bringing them out for meals and stuff. You know, when you feel the need to show off something, it means that you're not doing it from your heart, you're doing it to gain attention.

Is this what I think it is? Gaining attention?

Fast forward to now, the recent event was Comic Fiesta Mini held in South Quay, Penang. The girl and her partner became helpers for one particular group that we can already foresee that they want to turn them into their underlings.

She felt the need to remind my boyfie that if he plans to join an international cosplay competition and represent the country, he has to make the costume from scratch by himself, and no one can do it for him. The problem is WHY DO YOU NEED TO REMIND HIM OR US? WE KNOW IT FOR OURSELVES, WHAT DO YOU TAKE US FOR? SOME DUMB KIDS? WE'RE NOT AS DENSE AS YOU, OKAY? AT LEAST WE KNOW WHAT "A FRIENDLY FIGHT" MEANS!!

And it's great that you're supporting other teams, but I call bullshit, you're just using them to bring down another person you dislike who is going to be competing in this year end convention. I heard about your plans, and I bid you good luck, it's not that I'm confident the team I'm rooting for will win, but I do hope you finally understand the meaning of 'friendly fight'.

I guess, this is where I'll end my post, if I have more steam to let out, I might continue in a new post.
So sorry you guys had to read my personal rant, and if you feel offended by any chance, I apologize deeply.. But the sole purpose of this was to release my emotions and let go~

Thanks for understanding.



  1. Finally it's all out... Not sure what blew the fuse.. But I'm glad you got it out of your system... Sometimes people tend to think that they are all high and mighty after winning several times... N they are born as sore ass losers... Can't help it but to just wish them change


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